Zombie Jesus Day! Burlesque Poster

I was asked to design a poster for Pink Kitten Dance School’s student cabaret this Easter; I was inspired by an image from their ‘March’ image in the Pink Kitten calendar and worked from there.  I wanted it to be tongue in cheek and fun to look at, hence Zombie Jesus Day!  but I got cold feet and made a differently titled one for the final.  Although I’d be interested to hear if you have a preference title-wise….













I like bright pink and teal but after discussing it with a colleague at the dance school, I changed the colour palette and I think it does work better for the Easter theme.  So below you can find the final version, with all the tweaks.


I’m biased, as I work for the company and that I perform in their showcases, but they are a blast for an evening’s entertainment, you should come along!


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