Pink Kitten Dance School’s Halloween Horror Poster

I love Halloween, I’m not sure of the exact pull but I’m drawn to the macarbe and darkly comic side of life which finds a welcome home in Halloween.

I’ve been involved with Pink Kitten for a couple years now and even have my own burlesque alter ego – namely Machete Rose, a necromorphous dancer.  In almost every performance she’s done, her act ends with a death scene.  This means that I’m particularly skilled at stage falls.  I’m convinced this must have a use in ‘everyday life’, i.e fainting at opportune moments (say, in an effort to avoid answering awkward questions) or liven up boring situations (waiting rooms).

Halloween is on the horizon and Pink Kitten are readying the acts for their next student showcase.  Such an awesome event needs an awesome poster – behold, my poster for the Cabaret of Halloween Horrors:

pink kitten cabaret of halloween horrors poster illustrated by laura elliott

If you’re in the Bristol area, you can buy tickets here:  Pink Kitten Dance School’s Cabaret of Halloween Horrors  

If you’re lucky, you may even get to see me die.  Or perform.  Whichever you fancy.


I thought I’d add my sketch as I was developing the character/lighting:

pencil sketch zombie girl, preparation for halloween poster

Zombie Jesus Day! Burlesque Poster

I was asked to design a poster for Pink Kitten Dance School’s student cabaret this Easter; I was inspired by an image from their ‘March’ image in the Pink Kitten calendar and worked from there.  I wanted it to be tongue in cheek and fun to look at, hence Zombie Jesus Day!  but I got cold feet and made a differently titled one for the final.  Although I’d be interested to hear if you have a preference title-wise….













I like bright pink and teal but after discussing it with a colleague at the dance school, I changed the colour palette and I think it does work better for the Easter theme.  So below you can find the final version, with all the tweaks.


I’m biased, as I work for the company and that I perform in their showcases, but they are a blast for an evening’s entertainment, you should come along!


Midsummer Skinny Dip Poster

I had designed the logo for Midsummer Skinny Dip and was later asked to create a promotional poster.  This is the final product:

midsummer skinny dip poster

Good Vibes Poster

As part of a project on the Commuter Tooters website I’ve been working on, I had to design a ‘good vibes poster’ and this is what I came up with:

poster promoting happiness and good vibes