Lazy Day in Košice

So I went for my tour, I was quite taken with the Saint Elizabeth cathedral; I was told about a few legends and stories about the buildings here  – one of my favourite being that there are monster gargoyles on the cathedral except one that is a woman.  apparently the builder’s wife was an alcoholic so as punishment he immortalised her in an ugly stone carving with a bottle under her arm, cursed to be forever spewing water.

The floor is all paved here but there are sections of crazy paving which denotes where the old city walls were.  There were some underground tunnels accessible to the public which I had a wander around whilst it looked like rain.  It was ok, they were a bunch of tunnels.   What was strange was that some awareness group had set up there too.  The bigger rooms had big tv screens set up and you could press play and they would tell you about psychology conspiracy theories.  They had slovak subtitles but the dvds were all American sensationalist episodes.  Ugh, cue cynacism.  It was everything i don’t like about American tv, I accept a lot of people like it but hey, whatever.  For me, it was deep booming voice, thin on facts supported by fast montages, red overlays and scary music.  For example, it spoke about how eugenics came from American psychologists; it inspired Hitlers plan on ethnic cleansing and then when it all went tits up and nazis were put on trial for war crimes all the American psychologists pinned it on their Nazi counterparts with ‘who, me?’ expressions.  Now this I know and believe, but the dvd spoke about all of this and finished with ‘and now LOOK!! the tyranny continues today!’  Its like, what?  you just missed several decades of information.  Oh and psychology invented racism too or something.  Suddenly the bland tunnels seemed more interesting.

I had a very very slow afternoon drinks session where I just people watched outside the cafe next to the musical fountains.  It was such a great feeling.  I don’t have to be anywhere, do anything at all.  It was nice to just zone out, a luxury I never give myself back home.  I always suffer from ‘the guilt’ that I should be doing something when I try and zone out, which is partly why I can never do a quiet lifestyle!

The musical fountain is kind of cool, the fountains spew water in time to the music, kind of like a water version of the Bristol balloon night glow.  It’s nice at first but the novelty had kinda worn off quickly for me, it works to a sort of pan pipe muzak instrumental version of pop songs.

Have done some drawings when I can stand to be out in the scorching heat, even got some ol’ etch-a-sketch action.

Tomorrow, next country – Hungary!

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