Waiting.  Can’t get in…

Feels like hours…

Getting cold out on this doorstep.



image of dog waiting using given photo to work with as part of the photo response project for Art House co-op









The image above was created as part of the Photo Response Project organised by Art House Co-op.  They are the same people that created the Sketchbook Project which I took part in the other year with my piece titled Nighttime Stories.

Participants were given 5 photos and we had to pick one to create a response to.  The photo I picked was of the door to the house, it was the one that jumped out to me.  Something about it felt empty but only recently so and in my mind’s eye I saw a dog.  I wondered if somehow the dog had been forgotten or left behind.  So I drew his waiting.  I wanted it to look like he’d been waiting a long time, with forlorn hope.

I don’t know who owns the dog, or who lives in the house, or whether he ever has someone to take him home.  That’s for you to continue the story.  I’d like to hear what thoughts you have.

I drew and painted the dog (a red and white irish setter for those interested) and added him into the picture.  The longer he waits, the more faded his image, like a reversed time lapse.  I wanted to communicate the distress of the dog and the impression of not being looked after by similarly distressing and tearing the print.  I don’t usually mix drawn and photo images but this was a good project to experiment with such things!

Hannah and Sophie get skyped

I was chatting to a friend via skype who introduced me to her oh-so-cute hamsters, Hannah and Sophie.  Despite their frantic scrabbling around as hamsters are known to do, especially when needed to sit still, I managed to get some drawings.  You can read more about their adventures here: The Amazing Adventures of Hannah and Sophie.  Please may I introduce to you –

Miss Hannah…

pencil drawing of hannah, my friend's hamster











… and Miss Sophie


pencil drawing of sophie, my friend's hamster








Sophie ran around a hell of a lot more so I got several views….


quick pencil sketch drawing of my friend's white siberian hamster









quick pencil sketch drawing of my friend's white siberian hamster