the most scenic train journey ever taken

I can’t believe I forgot!  the train journey from Zilina to Košice was one of the highlights of the travelling!  Once I had gotten into Zilina the hills were looking lovely, the next day, speeding along in the train, the rolling green hills continued and spread and grew.  Sometimes a river joined the scene, wide and calm tripping over rocks occasionally.

Here is a word sketch:   lush forest, thick carpet of trees, rich dark greens where the mountain curves in, bright fresh green where trees hit the light.  Steep expanses of grass are dotted with occasional trees at the base of towering mountains.

The green mountains eventually gave way to monstrosities with jagged raw edges nestling in the clouds, you could see the snow still in the crevices despite how hot it had been earlier.  Although that being said, I could feel the temperature drop and cue flash storm.  rain = go, lightening = go, thunder =  go, heavier rain = go, then stop.  And then as the mountains got greener again I could tell we weren’t so high and the scenic route had passed.

Train passing tatras mountains