Goodbye! Awesome Adventure beckons

Wow, only one more sleep before leaving the country.  It’s an odd feeling, I’d had this idea that I wanted to go travelling for a little while, so long in fact that the thought of ‘oh I’m going to go somewhere sometime’ became just another normal thought in my bunch of thoughts that reside in my head.

Until suddenly, I realised 3 weeks ago, for all my tickets and important bits of paper to arrive on time I had to commit money and I had to do it NOW.  So the past 3 weeks have been a little manic but good.  It means less time fretting, more time focused on ‘Awesome Adventure’.
Note from the future:  if you’re looking for advice on travelling around europe, you may want to read this:  Advice on Interrailing around eastern Europe

map of my route through eastern europe

I’m going to be InterRailing for a month around eastern Europe, flying into Prague and winging it between there and Sofia in Bulgaria where I’ll fly back home.  Please see illustration for hideously vague route and badly scaled map…  I have never done a trip quite like this before, neither have I done much travelling on my own, so when I first started planning this trip, I didn’t have much of a clue.

First up, info:  Ok, I think, let’s do a little research, so I buy a couple books off the internet (meanwhile pumping all my friends for information and advice).  Unfortunately, I made the error of buying a book that didn’t have a photo to go with it’s blurb.  Book arrives (hooray), I open package to discover a slightly battered Rough Guide on Eastern Europe.  Published in 1988.  Ok, internet purchasing lesson learned.  Apart from that, I’ve been vaguely sussing out where I want to go but as to where I’ll actually end up, is anyone’s guess.  And yes, I have been reminded about that film, y’know, called Hostel, set in Slovakia, lots of gore, a bit deathy…

Packing:  I tried so very hard to pack light.  Usually I’m quite good.  We’ll see how I manage carrying a 60 litre bag for 5 weeks.  Ok, uh…   Silver lining…  It’ll be a good workout?  Maybe when I come back I’ll be a beefcake.  I have allowed myself a couple luxuries in the shape of a sketchbook with the Amazing Spiderman pencilcase (it was the only one in the house that was the right size) and my pocket etch-a-sketch.  These will entertain me for hours, I’m hoping not to the detriment of me sightseeing.

I’m most excited about the inspiration inundation, I can’t wait to draw to my heart’s content.  Unfortunately, you all will have to wait to see the fruits of my labour, I intend to update my blog where I can but won’t be able to upload pictures until I’m back.  And then my posts will be flooded with imagery.  At least that’s the plan.

I’m travelling solo and have lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard the word ‘brave’.  When it became clear that I’d be on my own, I’ll admit that I went through varying degrees of pant-wetting fear but the sunny rays of excitement are beaming through (amongst a few remnant clouds of ‘the fear’).  I’m sure that once I’m out there and into the swing of things I’ll be well on my way.  Besides, I believe that a little bit of courage is required for adventuring otherwise it won’t be much of an adventure.