Dancing Robot Busting Moves

Have you been awesome today?  If so, this robot is dedicated to you.  If you’ve not been awesome, feel free to look at this page on a day when you are.


watercolour painting of a dancing robot

Big Toothy Robot

Today I drew and painted up a toothy robot, inspired by a pencil sharpener (if you can believe it).  It doesn’t have a name yet – what do you think it should be called?

Pen and ink drawing of a robot from 2 different angles

Lost Cat-o-matic Robot

laura elliott - pen, ink and watercolour illustration of a robot that collects lost cats



I confess, I have robots on the brain.  I don’t think it’s that dire a medical condition so I won’t be too worried at the moment.  It’s a bit like an ear-worm where the only way to get rid of the one lyric circling your brain and sanity like a vulture, is to listen and/or sing along to the entire song.  I’m currently working on a robot performance project so it’s been taking up a lot of my back burner brain, which means that little bits of robot related ideas and imagery tend to find their way onto the page.

My invention for today is inspired by the fact that we tend to have robots working their way more and more into our lives.  Soon, we will have robots for every imaginable whim, perhaps even searching out lost cats…

The Lost Cat-o-matic is fed an image of your lost cat, it then heads out into the wild urban jungle to track down accidentally homeless kittes.  Once a lost cat is found, the robot will collect the cat via the scientific gift of a powerful tractor beam.  Once a cat (or cats, depending on how successful a trip out is) has been found, it will be returned to it’s rightful owner.


robot sketchLook! Look! I saw a pencil sharpener and I made it into a robot!  The joy of imagination!

Igorbot is the robot dogsbody of an evil scientist, sent to fetch brains, cups of tea and tend to the various experiments.  He takes his job seriously but has a secret love of cupcakes (which unfortuantely don’t fit in with his evil job description).