Embrace Your Whimsy

I like to think I know about ‘whimsy’ with my quirky sense of humour and drawing style; however ‘whimsy’ is not always specified in a brief when I’m commissioned so it’s nice when someone comes along and asks you to use your expertise specifically for whimsical subject matters.

I have recently had the pleasure to work with Jessica, who has set up a website dedicated entirely to her sense of whimsy.  I was asked to illustrate a header for her website entitled ‘Embrace Your Whimsy, A Tribute to The Beauty of Chaos’.  Perfect!  After discussing her particular interests, the draft came together:

Pencil draft of galeforcewhims.rocks website header by Drawesome illustration

I felt that the way a person grows and follows their interests can be very organic, following a weaving path like a plant.  Although the winding stems of a sweet pea look a little chaotic, the end result is still beautiful.  The feel of the piece was intended to be feminine too, so I decided greens, pinks and purples would set the tone just right.

Illustrated Website header for galeforcewhims.rocks Embrace Your Whimsy by Drawesome

On her website, you’ll find Jessica discussing thoughts on parenting, teaching. books, life, love and more, definitely worth a read: have a look at www.galeforcewhims.rocks  You can also have a look at the lovely things she said about me and the artwork too – thanks Jessica!

Screenshot of galeforcewhims.rocks website with header illustrated by Drawesome Illustration

Bristol Community Plant Collection

For all you that read ‘Zooray‘ and thought it was just a jolly, think again!  The wonderful people at Bristol Zoo Gardens wanted me to create some imagery to go towards their exciting new project – Bristol Community Plant Collection – creating a national plant collection of calendula (marigolds to you and me) with the contribution of several groups within the local community.


The groups involved were from a varied demographic so had to work with imagery that would be very inclusive.  The type of figures I used for the Midsummer Skinny Dip logo would suit something like this.


Find below the body of work produced for this; including imagery of calendula, a banner for the project and a stamp design.  I must admit, I particularly enjoyed drawing all the little characters for the banner!


image for bristol zoo gardens, figures carrying flowers





marigolds (calendula) image produced for Bristol Community Plant Collection project





stamp design for the Bristol Community Plant Collection project