Would You Believe, Surprise Festival #5

The show I saw in Sibiu was a dance piece by a group from Hungary; I thought it was fantastic, so full of energy and seemed to confront some interesting ideas on relationships.  Also staying at the hostel was a guy who was volunteering for the festival.  I asked him some details about how he got involved and I will admit, I’m tempted to come back next year and volunteer…  I really love what they’ve got going on here.  And I absolutely love the hostel.  The owners are wonderful people who made me feel right at home.

I was a little sad to leave Sibiu, but Brasov beckons.  I took a free walking tour here, saw some points of interest – some city towers, the smallest road in Europe (or something like that), the black church and the huge mock-hollywood ‘BRASOV’ sign.  Today I went to see Bran castle and Rasnov citadel with an Aussie couple from my hostel.  I’m kinda glad I had someone to go with because the buses got us a little confused and lost at one point but we made it!  I was expecting more from Bran castle, I paid for an audio guide which mostly told us what was on the signs around the castle.  It was also all nicely whitewashed and sparsely decorated so lacked some atmosphere…

The utterly exhausting hike up to Rasnov citadel was well worth it for beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

So festival #5 happens to be an urban art festival.  That runs only during the 3 days that I am here.  How is that for timing eh?  There are skateboarders, graffiti artists working on big wooden boards in the town square and there is music and theatre too.  Brilliant!

Brasov - People in the main square and black church

Brasov - People in the main square