Machete Rose logo

Machete Rose is a character that’s a little dark.  Well, very dark.  I like to think of her as a love child between Tim Burton and Quentin Tarrantino.  Macabre but endearing, a fighter for the misunderstood underdogs of the world.  An elegant girl with a hint of lethal.

Inspired by gothic, nautical and mexican dia de los meurtos references, I worked on a logo and font that represented her.  The following is what fell out of my brain:

machete rose logo

I like the mexican sugar skull imagery but felt the human skull was a little predictable.  I felt the dainty but sharp bird skull drawing suited Machete’s personality.  I came to this via the swallow birds that are often used in sailor jerry tattoo art.  I love the way and style they are drawn but felt they needed something to make it blend as a whole with the logo.  Essentially saying many things in the one image. 

 That’s what I love about illustration.

Having created the character logo, I thought, damn, that’s a sexy font.  So I went the whole hog and created this:

typography font for machete rose

Whilst playing with the mexican day of the dead/bird skull imagery, I came up with this fella too:

mexican dia de los meurtos bird skull