I like jellyfish, I think they’re kinda cool.  They’re slow and wafty, yet morbidly dangerous (well, some).  And that was all it took to inspire me to transform a boring old plain white t-shirt into a wearable drawing.

A few practice drawings...

Next, putting pen to paper to get used to the line of the pen

The finished article!

Another view...


As much as I love my etch-a-sketch, I’m ashamed to say my first blog entry starring my pocket etch-a-sketch is to mourn its death.  It often accompanies me on journeys and is fantastic for keeping me occupied in all encompassing concentration as I strive to create detailed etchings but alas, the jellyfish was to be its last creation.

Jellyfish Etch-a-Sketch

The final struggle to bring squiggly lines to life, 'Etchy' died unable to go up - hence all the lines underneath...