Gossington Music Festival – sketches

A few months ago, I was at Colston Hall in Bristol watching 4 men set fire to the air with fierce gypsy tunes hailing from Django Rheinhardt era; the more familiar modern tunes that have been ‘gypsified’ (my favourite perhaps being a piece I recognised from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack); and even classical pieces played with more speed than thought humanly possible.  These musicians form Gypsy Fire and I thorougly recommend you check them out.

I had a quick chat with them over the merch stall at the end of the gig and they recommended if I liked gypsy jazz, then I should come to Gossington Festival (which is run by one of the guys in Gypsy Fire).  I adore gypsy jazz, so fast forward a few months and I find myself in Gossington.

leon hunt n-tet - one of the band members in dungarees at gossington festival.  And man playing guitar during a jam session

The Friday and Saturday comprised of music that was a bit more mainstream folk/gypsy, headlined by Bristol’s own Phantom Limb on Friday and Seth Lakeman the following day.  Sunday was for the hardcore gypsy jazz fans.  The audience were treated to gypsy jazz royalty including Tchavolo Schmitt who I particularly enjoyed watching – he didn’t bother with a sound check and went straight into the set (with no set list), leaving the bass player and rhythm guitarist to just catch up.   It was fab watching random jamming sessions strike up throughout the day as well (the guitar player on the left in the above picture is from a jam).

gossington festival - trio rosbif pencil sketch

During the weekend I had a new appreciation for double bass.  I mean, look how sexy that double bass neck is:

gossington festival - sketch double bass and christiaan van hemert

It’s sexy right!?  Those curves are gorgeous!

I had such a great time and really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere which helped the creative sketching juices.  I particularly enjoyed drawing people performing and the instruments they clearly loved.

GradGallery Exhibition this week

harmony exhibition held at gardens gallery by gradgallery artists


I am part of an artist collective called GradGallery – we all share a keen sense of design, art, and a degree from University College Falmouth.  What this means is that the collective power amassed in our most current exhibition will blow your socks off.  The exhibition is being held at the Gardens Gallery in Cheltenham everyday until the 17th July, open from 10am to 5pm. The artists showcase a range of styles and subjects, working with editorial, narrative, children’s, fashion and more.







My own work was created afresh,  inspired by the title of the exhibition.  The theme first took me down the route of music/instruments/singing birds and I came up with some bird characters playing with their physical properties.  Below is an example of my bell birds.


watercolour image of birds singing and playing instruments in a tree.


I also came up with the idea that relationships have a certain harmony, even relationships that are not the norm or are not appreciated through misinterpretation.  This led to my Twisted Love Stories.  I enjoy giving people a different perspective on things they think they know and Twisted Love Stories seemed to be a perfect vehicle for that.  For example, those of you familiar with The Spider and The Fly, I have my own version – ‘Mr. Bicuit’s Grisly Death’.  Ever wondered what happened when the birds and the bees get on down?  Cue ‘BeeBird Misfit’.


If your curiosity is piqued, then you better get yourself over to Cheltenham!  Private view is tonight, 6:30pm to 8pm.  I hope to see you!