Gorgeous Buildings and Bristol Concert Orchestra Poster

I just love to draw gorgeous buildings.  Yes I know, it does sound strange coming from someone who regularly talks about Budapest - St Stephen basillicahow much I enjoy drawing an animal roaring, leaping and generally being beastly.

The thing is, buildings have a lovely contrast to the speed and kind of energy used in my drawings of living creatures.  My style doesn’t change but I like the results I get when applied to a structure – giving a solid building a life and character of its own.

Watercolour painting of a house by Drawesome Illustration, Laura Elliott,

Painting of a person’s home. Private commission.

I like searching out the details with my pen or pencil, working with the weight of the line to add depth, finding which colours to bring out, and quite often when I’m taking time over these longer drawings, I find myself ‘in the zone’ happily spending hours drawing a building to life.  This is true for when I’ve worked on private commissions for people’s homes, as well as various landmarks.

One of the buildings I’ve painted is St Mary Redcliffe in Bristol.  This 4th July, Bristol Concert Orchestra – the oldest orchestra in Bristol – will be performing at St Mary Redcliffe as a venue for the first time.  I’m very pleased to have my artwork displayed on their poster adverting the event at this exciting time for the orchestra.  Poster for Bristol Concert Orchestra's performance illustrated with a painting of St Mary Redcliffe by Drawesome Illustrations, Laura Elliott

Sandeep Raval at St. Georges

I went to a concert at St. Georges the other day with sketchbook in tow.  The music was an interesting blend of traditional Indian music and a more contemporary jazz style.  I found both the building and the evening’s music inspiring so armed with a pencil and paper – got drawing.

When I first entered the concert hall, I was hit with an intricate wall design in an otherwise muted room.

After drawing so many halos, they started to look a bit like space helmets to me...

Upon completion of the above drawing, the band struck up and I was delved into a world of hypnotic sounds transporting my ears to strange new lands.  The musicians all clearly loved their instruments and the sounds they crafted.

This percussion instrument made the most amazing sounds. I also loved how it looked like a roasting tin too.

One of the songs the band played was called Lunar Breathing and it inspired me to draw this:

I liked the idea that the moon would play with clouds like a child might play with soap bubbles, making beards and ridiculous hairstyles.

I also spent a moment during the interval to draw a row of houses across from the concert hall.  I particularly liked the wibbly lined tops of the houses.

Steaming Houses

This morning bid a frosty hello, leaving a delicate sheen on the landscape.  However, this was short-lived as the sun thrust its warming rays into the atmosphere evaporating any trace of frost.  It was a slightly spooky sight with all this steam emanating off of everything.

rooftop vapour