Illustrated Tiger Tissue Box

You’re faced with one of those first world dramas – you’ve got to get a gift that means you care; that is in equal parts practical and individual.  That is special but doesn’t cost the earth…

So I came up with an illustrated tissue box.  Obviously.

As I think about it now, perhaps tissues do cost the earth in a natural resources kind of way – but I’ll not lose sleep about it.  Behold my genuis in action below:

Step one:  Buy tissue box, measure up it’s vital stats and draw that box a net.  Cut appropriately.

tissue box net for illustrated tissue box

Step two:  Practise sketching out your images.

tiger pencil sketches for illustrated tissue box

Step three:  Draw out and ink up tigers on that plain ol’ box net.

pen and ink drawings of tigers for illustrated tissue box

Step four:  The fun bit!  Colour that bad-ass in!

top of tissue box net with pen ink and pencil coloured tigers jumping and roaring

Step five:  Stick illustrated tissue box net to actual tissue box.  Beware that they’re tricksters and sometimes have the oval on both sides, only one of which is perforated.

pencil pen and ink coloured tigers on tissue box, sitting jumping and roaring

Step six:  Bask in your awesome gift-giving idea…

pencil pen and ink coloured tigers on tissue box, sitting jumping and roaring

Babes in the Jungle

A friend of mine is due to have a little boy soon and I thought boys like jungle animals right?  I’m sure jungle animals like kids…

Anyway, I’m conjuring an illustrated photo frame, some of the apetures will contain animals, some will be left free for my friend to put photos of her beautiful baby boy.

Here are some of my sketchbook paintings that I worked from.  I was a little sad to find the snake didn’t quite fit, but I hope to find a use for him somewhere…

And here’s a sketch of a lion – I liked it too much to dismiss it as ‘sketchbook crap’ to never see the light of day again.