From Dusk Til Dawn Pussy Cats

Quick disclaimer: Please note that the use of tongue in cheek and rude word play is in effect in this post!


The time was right; dressed in a sparkly purple number and armed with microphone – I was ready to hit the stage.  The evening found me as a co-compere for a burlesque show in Bristol entitled  ‘A Night At The Movies’ where my partner in crime – Poppy von Tarte – and I, guided the audience through the acts of the evening.

Before the show, Poppy and I had discussed introductions for all the acts.  Not for the first time, I discovered my illustrative flair and love of burlesque colliding – this time as part of the introduction for the headlining act.  Each act had been inspired by a particular movie; and the final act was based on the Quentin Tarrantino film, From Dusk Til Dawn. Which, incidentally was being performed by Poppy herself.

In the film, the group of characters you follow in the first half arrive at a brothel called ‘Titty Twister’ where the beers are cheap and the women are cheaper.  One of the iconic moments in the film is the snake dance performed by Salma Hayek at the Titty Twister, which Poppy was echoing her act.  In order to set the scene, we thought it would be fun to sample a sound bite from the movie and play with the word ‘pussy’.  The sound bite is ‘Chet’s Speech’, where he advertises the different kinds of pussy on offer at Titty Twister.  If you haven’t seen From Dusk Til Dawn, I recommend you watch the film, but for context’s sake, this is Chet’s Speech on You Tube.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you, my illustrated versions of some of the pussies on offer:

I must admit, it was somewhat strange drawing cats with alluring expressions but I can certainly tell you it was fun!  My favourite is Yellow Pussy – which is yours?

Finally in Plovdiv, or nnoBANB as it looks to me…

I suppose I’d been lucky to not encounter rail works before now.  I was looking forward to a straight forward train journey when I was told to get off, get a bus and get back on the train further up the track.  The bus journey was actually a great way to see more gorgeous scenery as we snaked our way over the mountain, one turn so sharp that the bus had to essentially 3 point turn to get around…  I did start to wonder why they had a train station where I got off though, it was at least 20 minutes by bus to the closest clump of houses, so seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

After an hour and a half wait for the next train – where we were surrounded by strays trained to hear someone think of opening a sandwich from 30 paces – I got off the train and tried to find the exit which was a little tricky considering all the normal train station type signs had been obliterated by signs for all the shops that were in the underpass.

Now at the hostel, after having had a little wander and about to take advantage of the free food offer they have here (win).  Later I hope to meet up with someone I was introduced to via Couchsurfing so will be good to see the place with a local.

Dibovo train station bulgaria