Carved Pumpkin Character Design

I love halloween, it’s definately my time of year – which is why I like to milk it as long as I can.  Whilst everyone else has callously abandoned their pumpkins at the side of the road or given it more pie-based demise, I thought pumpkin carving would be a good basis for working on a little character design exercise.


I may have to use these as a template for next year, if you attempt any of the faces, I’d love to see your efforts.


carved pumpkins halloween faces illustration

Pumpkin Appeal

This year, do your pumpkin a favour and eat it.  Hundreds of pumpkins are unceremoniously dumped at Halloween time, being left to rot in a seething pool of shame.  Show your pumpkin some love via the gift of pumpkin soup/pie/curry/stew…

sad trashed pencil sketch pumpkin