What A Ride – GradGallery Retrospective

laura elliott with her illustrations at GradGallery exhibition

I’m super chuffed to say that my Twisted Love Stories and Music Birds went down a treat.  I sold several prints, postcards and even an original painting to a lovely couple (Noted Birds, top left) – I think they were going to put it in their son’s room.  I had the pleasure of meeting the newborn boy and I think he liked me and the painting, at least, he didn’t scowl at me so I think it’s a good sign (I can never tell with babies).

watercolour painting noted birds for gradgallery exhibition in cheltenham







GradGallery Private View


The private view was good fun, lots of people and a great vibe.










I invigilated on the Saturday and it was great to be able to watch people’s reactions to my work – I saw quite a few people leaning in to read my twisted love stories and walk away chuckling.  Unfortunately I wan’t there at the time but my friend told me she saw a man looking at my work (Hunter’s Foxy Time) and break out in a huge belly laugh saying ‘that’s hilarious!’.  I know humour is a very personal thing, so I’ll let you decide for yourselves:

digital artwork for gradgallery



digital illustration on the theme twisted love story of a biscuit and a cup of tea




digital illustration of hunter dressed as fox









GradGallery Exhibition this week

harmony exhibition held at gardens gallery by gradgallery artists


I am part of an artist collective called GradGallery – we all share a keen sense of design, art, and a degree from University College Falmouth.  What this means is that the collective power amassed in our most current exhibition will blow your socks off.  The exhibition is being held at the Gardens Gallery in Cheltenham everyday until the 17th July, open from 10am to 5pm. The artists showcase a range of styles and subjects, working with editorial, narrative, children’s, fashion and more.







My own work was created afresh,  inspired by the title of the exhibition.  The theme first took me down the route of music/instruments/singing birds and I came up with some bird characters playing with their physical properties.  Below is an example of my bell birds.


watercolour image of birds singing and playing instruments in a tree.


I also came up with the idea that relationships have a certain harmony, even relationships that are not the norm or are not appreciated through misinterpretation.  This led to my Twisted Love Stories.  I enjoy giving people a different perspective on things they think they know and Twisted Love Stories seemed to be a perfect vehicle for that.  For example, those of you familiar with The Spider and The Fly, I have my own version – ‘Mr. Bicuit’s Grisly Death’.  Ever wondered what happened when the birds and the bees get on down?  Cue ‘BeeBird Misfit’.


If your curiosity is piqued, then you better get yourself over to Cheltenham!  Private view is tonight, 6:30pm to 8pm.  I hope to see you!