Craft and Textiles Show at the NEC

I received an email alerting me to a craft and textiles show in Birmingham; soon thereafter I realised I had to go sample its creative delights and under the guise of it being a birthday present for my mum, we left for Birmingham.  It was an inspiring place to be, there were lots of talented people exhibiting their work.  We found an exhibition space for Ollivier Henry and Jean-Noel Lavesvre, artists who have a passion for costume and theatre.  I was astounded by the delicate work they had achieved and took a photo of my favourite piece.  My artistic representation of said work can be seen below:

study of historical costume, blue vintage dress handcrafted


I like jellyfish, I think they’re kinda cool.  They’re slow and wafty, yet morbidly dangerous (well, some).  And that was all it took to inspire me to transform a boring old plain white t-shirt into a wearable drawing.

A few practice drawings...

Next, putting pen to paper to get used to the line of the pen

The finished article!

Another view...