Who Is Drawesome?
Drawesome is a freelance illustration and design business created by me, Laura Elliott. I use Drawesome as a platform to playfully & intelligently explore my whimsical perspective on the world.

What’s The Gossip?
Having been through art education (Weston College and University College Falmouth), I was released into the world as a freelance illustrator to spread art and joy to the world. I currently reside in Bristol, UK.

Illustration of an evil clown with his fuzzy wuzzy bunnies, and doing evil clown things.

Exerpt from Nighttime Stories – part of The Sketchbook Project.

I love finding ways to be expressive – which is how I discovered a penchant for making origami flowers and my killer skills drawing with an etch-a-sketch. I particularly enjoy making illustrated journals (one of which got featured in The New York Magazine). I also believe in the importance of happiness and its knock on effect; and have implemented many happiness-inducing projects.

I enjoy making new discoveries, which is one of the reasons why I went backpacking around central Europe on my own; and why I’m a self-confessed culture vulture in my home of Bristol.

Photo of Machete Rose doing her Elf and Safety burlesque routine

Photo of Machete Rose performing ‘Elf and Safety’ burlesque routine.

I’m passionate about dancing; most of my experience is in salsa, burlesque and synchronised swimming, I’ve been privileged to perform, compete, and teach dance. As an artist and performer I know the importance of presentation, down to every last sentence, ink splash or sequin. My burlesque alter ego is Machete Rose – she’s the love child of Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton.

Bonus Facts!
I love bears and lions – mostly because they roar and have claws.

A fez makes everything better. EVERYTHING.




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