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The Ultimate Device In Fortune Telling Technology

Hello everyone!  I know, I know, it’s been a while since I last wrote but it’s been one of those times when life just goes a little bit crazy.  Who knew eh?  If only I had some kind of device that could give me the heads up when sh*t’s about to get real.

If only… *cue daydream sequence of me creating a super high-tech fortune telling gizmo for all modern lifestyles*

Yes!  That’s it!  After a montage of thinking and tinkering, I have fashioned the ultimate in fortune telling technology.  Drum roll please… With my mighty skills of paper-craft, illustration, and, erm,  ‘foresight’, I have birthed into existence the must-have device for clarifying the murky waters of: The Future.

Now, I have for you 2 fortune teller devices that you can print out and try for yourself.  One is about that most fickle of subjects: Love.  The other is for the more dark humored of you, in which you find out which bad fortune will befall you. It’s not all sweetness and roses, but neither is life.  Forewarned is forearmed, I say.

Once you’ve constructed the fortune teller, you can use it not only for yourself but you can amaze your colleagues, neighbours, friends, family, people on the street, or whoever you so choose.

Each image below will have a grey line around the fortune teller for easy cutting after printing.  Once you click an image to open the gallery, right click to ‘view image’.  That way you will print only your fortune teller and not the whole blog post.  Instructions for folding and using are underneath the images.  I’d love to hear your feedback to see what you make of them.

Making Your Fortune Teller

1. Print and cut out fortune teller following the grey line around the outside of the image.
2. Place fortune teller face up and fold the bottom corners to the top and unfold. Repeat with left corners folded to the right and unfold.
3. Turn the fortune teller over, so it is face down.
4. Fold each of the 4 corners in to the centre, so the pictures and numbers are showing.
5. Turn fortune teller over, so it shows the fortunes facing up.
6. Fold each of the 4 corners to the centre so only the numbers show.
7. Fold the square shape in half so the numbers face in to each other – you’ll be left with a rectangle with 2 pictures facing out on each side.
8. Press fortune teller into shape by placing first thumb and then forefingers of each hand to nest into the space  under the raw corners.  Allow the paper to bend as you bring each of the 4 points (where your fingers and thumbs are nesting) to meet in the centre.
9. Operate the fortune teller by pinching fingers and thumb of each hand and twisting away from each other, to reveal one set of numbers.  Then alternatively pinch fingers of both hands and thumbs of both hands to pull and reveal the next set of numbers.

Telling Fortunes

1. Hold fortune teller so that the centre corners are together and no numbers are visible.  Ask your participant to pick a colour denoted by one of the 4 pictures. Alternate the flexing/opening of the fortune teller to coincide with the same amount of letters in the colour your participant picked.
2. Ask your participant to pick a number from the now visible set of numbers.  Flex open the fortune teller the corresponding amount of times.
3. Ask your participant to pick another number.
4. Unfold the paper to read the fortune underneath the number your participant picked.

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