The Fox With The Fire Tail

Meditation is a great idea, to find a peaceful place amongst our A.D.D society.  A great idea yes, and in practice, even better – however, I find it bloody hard.  So imagine my delight when I found a mediation exercise that allowed my brain to ramble, yet given clear direction.  After attending an inspirational writing workshop run by the fabulous Al Powell, I realised that this process could be used for imagery too.


As you find yourself becoming calmer and blocking the  outside world, you allow yourself to then ‘wake up’ into an imaginary world where your mind goes on a journey of it’s own making.  After exploring this imaginary world, you’re encouraged to write stream of consciousness onto your page – from this you can spring board into other writing ideas.  Personally, I found striking imagery come to mind.  One of which, was the fox with the fire tail.  You can meet him below:

watercolour painting of a fox with a fire tail in a forest by Laura Elliott

6 thoughts on “The Fox With The Fire Tail

  1. Also interested in this Laura….I do meditation already but it is simple, yet not easy to do!!!! As we say in the meditation group I go to…’the mind is like a treeful of chattering monkeys’……so sometimes needs a bit of directing. Jo and I use a mindfulness cd which is great, but interested in other ideas. Perhaps we should meet up for a coffee sometime and you can tell me more!!Love your fox by the way. Margaret

    • I think you’ve got it right with your tree full of chattering monkeys! The great news is that Al has agreed to write a guest blog post so she’ll be able to explain the process in more detail. I’m glad the fox appealed to you – I hope that you’ll be able to find your own wonderful creatures and you can let me know over that coffee 🙂

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