Dr Sketchy Bristol

You must be familiar with the concept of life drawing – it’s drawing naked people, right?  How about the Dr Sketchy version, where you get to draw not-quite-naked, but fabulously costumed people?  I’m pleased to say that this is how I spent my last Sunday afternoon.  The drawing that is, not being almost naked.

Ally Katte burlesque performer modelling for Dr Sketchy Bristol

Ally Katte burlesque performer modelling for Dr Sketchy Bristol - face pencil sketch















I’ve posted about going to Dr Sketchy’s classes before and had to travel far out to them, so I was chuffed to find one starting much closer to me in Bristol!  Hooray!

Poppy Raine burlesque performer modelling for Dr Sketchy Bristol - silk fans and veils

We worked with 3 burlesque performer models, Ally Katte, Poppy Raine and Didi Curv’e; 2 of whom treated us to a performance as well.  It was up to the audience whether they wanted to simply enjoy the act or get some movement drawings into their sketchbook too.  I was pleased to bear witness to Didi Curv’e playing the bongos with her boobs – I’ve never seen anything like it!


It was a lovely atmosphere as we were welcomed in (upstairs at the Stag and Hounds) and the class was started off with a few quick warm up poses of a few minutes.  As we worked further into the session, we managed to get our teeth into slightly longer poses of 10 and 15 minutes.

I really enjoyed drawing the models – I only wish I was able to capture more of the beautiful costumes, they were so intricate in places.  Note for next time, need to work on Go-Go-Gadget Speedy Drawing Skills. 


As a personal bonus, I thought I recognised a Lenore (the cute little dead girl) tattoo on Poppy Raine.  It’s been ages since I’ve read the graphic novel by Roman Dirge so felt a little like glimpsing an old friend!

Didi Curv'e burlesque performer modelling for Dr Sketchy Bristol - multi coloured pencil sketch of her face

I’ve posted my favourite sketches and can’t wait for more Dr. Sketchy action in September!

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