A New Website Is Born! Welcome To Laura Elliott Illustration

I’ll confess, I’m not the most technically minded person.  So making a website from scratch on a certain software that is much more expansive than my limited knowledge is a bit daunting.  However, to combat this I find the challenge appeals to a stubborn streak of mine when faced with problems.  With some help from the mind behind Gui Creative to point me in the right direction, I crafted my new website:  www.lauraelliottillustration.co.uk


You’ll be able to clearly see my portfolio of work which ranges from children’s narrative to editorial to promotional, adapting my style to both watercolour and digital methods.  You can view a choice selection of my sketchbook imagery that supports my way of working and hones my skills.


laura elliott illustration home page



Not only do you get to see my work but you get to play with robins too!  I like how the nature of the robin images changing reflect bird like movements.  It seemed to come together well.



My blog will continue to be updated with news, new work and my various creative thoughts and my website will be a platform for viewing my best work.  I hope you enjoy them both!

2 thoughts on “A New Website Is Born! Welcome To Laura Elliott Illustration

  1. Oh don’t talk to me! I am trying to do my own website and am failing miserably (due to procrastination on my part!). I would love to just hand it over to someone to do it for me but money don’t grow on trees as they say. Love the site. Well done. Love your sketchbook stuff.

    • Thank you for the positivity, I’m glad you like my site and work! Good luck with your site, I know how hard it is to plug away at something difficult like websites. I don’t know how you’re working/what software you’re using but I’ve heard good things about wordpress websites if you wanted to look into that. Fingers crossed for you and your site!

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