When someone is having a wedding, everyone in the procession of cars puts on their blinkers and honks the horn all the way up the road.

There are quite a lot of stray dogs here, fortunately they all seem rather friendly and look at you with doeful eyes and not likely to chomp off your leg in a starved frenzy.

There seems to be a fashion here of boot-sandals.  Like boots but with the foot bit cut out.  Is this happening in England too?  Dear god I hope not.

I was sat in the town square when I sneezed, a Romanian sat next to me said ‘bless you’, oh dear am I that obviously English tourist?

That being said, I got asked for directions by some Romanian tourists and they looked upset when they discovered I was a foreign tourist that had no idea what they said.

Everywhere, it seems, the bus system requires you to buy your bus ticket and then punch it yourself when you board.  Sometimes this means you can get away with a sneaky journey, othertimes there is a bloke that will tell you off and fine you.

So far I have slept in 13 different beds.

Back home, I have never drank a pint of beer.  In mainland Europe, I have lost count of how many beers I have had.  This doesn’t mean I like it.

Cappy juice doesn’t seem to exist in England, I’ll miss it.  I’m not sure why.

Today I was told my Romanian was good.  By good I believe she meant I phrased ‘do you speak English?’ well.

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