Crazy Guide to Krakow

Amy, Florent (someone else from the hostel) and I took a Crazy Guide tour of Krakow, the guide was a little late so we had a customised tour to skip the traffic.  He turned up in a little Trabant and we all squeezed in.  this was a good trip for cheap thrills in that the guide Kooba, drove a little crazy, it started raining, we discovered his wipers didnt work, it rained harder so we rolled up the windows.  we started steaming up so Kooba had to wind down the window to turn.  It started hailing, the car started leaking and Kooba insisted on still driving.  he did admit defeat after a while though and we took shelter in an old ‘milk bar’ and ate perogie whilst Kooba told us about the communist relic of Nowa Huta where the steelworks factory is several times bigger than the district itself.  We were also treated to a trip to an Austro-Hungarian fortress which gave us panoramic views of Krakow, and a trip to a limestone quarry which had filled up with ground water.  It was beautiful.  I also got a go at driving the trabant!  Great fun!

One thought on “Crazy Guide to Krakow

  1. So glad you got back safely–sounds like health and safety standards don’t have quite the priority they do here! Something to look back on and laugh about only after you are back on safe ground. We’ll be interested to see the photos. x

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