Score One For Bumbling

Looks like my bumbling about really works.  So after I left you, I did go try and see the gig that I had bought a ticket for.  I went to the theatre where I had bought tickets and looked for someone who may point me in the right direction.  At the cloakroom I try and ask the elderly lady where I need to go – I couldn’t find anyone else – she takes my ticket with a WTF look on her face and hands it to a studenty looking girl next to me in a ‘YOU deal with this’ sort of way.  Fortunately this girl and her friend are really very lovely and they walk me to the student union.  They hang around too and we all listen to the band – who were brilliant.  I was a little disappointed to not see the accordion I was hoping for, but they were great all the same!

We stay after to listen to the DJs and to my delight, I discover they serve grog here.  Actual grog.  Not, this-is-a-pirate-themed-party grog but real bonefide how-many-sugars-in-your-grog grog.  As a wannabe pirate I can safely say this is the cherry on top of my visit so far!

As I walked home with one of my new friends, the lead singer from the band stopped us to ask for directions to her hotel.  We walk a little of the way with her and she says she made an ‘English escape’ leaving her friends and band mates behind, not wanting to disturb them.  An English Escape…  She tells me it means to sneak out without anyone noticing.  I thought this hilarious!  I had no idea that phrase existed!  I gave her my map to help her on her way, I knew where I was going.  It was nice to know that even though I am a stranger here, I can still help someone out.  I almost offered her one of the spare beds in my room but figured she would probably prefer her nice lovely hotel.

The dance show was interesting, the dancers were fabulously beautiful and move so gracefully but there was no way I could figure out what the show was about.

I am about to go see this Polish band, which is fitting really, as that is where I am headed tomorrow.

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