All change, again.

Well, I’ll confess.  I’m feeling a little out of sorts.  It started with coming back to the hostel after my day out and my bed was missing.  It was an odd feeling especially as my bed was the top bunk.  For a moment I wondered if I was even in the right room.   Turned out the staff had moved things around for some reason.

Also feeling out of sorts because I had a hostel in mind that I wanted to stay at in Olomouc.  I heard the girls talking in the dorm next to mine that they were going to Olomouc today and they found this, oh just perfect hostel and described the one I’d been hoping to stay at.  Unfortunately there were a lot of them and booked up the whole place.  So to plan B.  Trusty hostel bookers provided nothing but a mere shrug of a suggestion and my plan is to now ‘wing it’.  I usually like to somewhat plan things so feeling out of my comfort zone…  I’m sure it’ll be fine….  Right…?

So anyway, despite the developments of the past couple hours, the day preceding it was great.  Got my self to the train station for a day trip to Kutna Hora.  Turns out I turned up at the wrong station.  I’m looking forward to when I stop having so many ‘duh’ moments and can actually get on with this adventuring thing.

At Kutna Hora there is a church decorated with bones.  It was amazing, so well crafted, the bones of over 4000 people were used.  did some drawing but got quite cold in the crypt.  Went to the cathedral over the road, the oldest in central Europe.  I got a bus into town and was gob smacked by the Church saint Barbara.  I’m going to research that, not sure if I got the name right…  Barbara doesn’t sound very Czech.

Anyway, Kutna Hora very pretty.  It was nice to get out and about I had done a lot of walking in Prague.  Particularly when I made a random single serving friend yesterday.  He was nice, we talked life, love and religion and then he went on his way when he caught his train later that day.  Random but nice.  Not much sightseeing involved though…

Tomorrow will see what Olomouc will bring.  At least I know where the train station is now.

2 thoughts on “All change, again.

  1. Hey, Laura! So thrilled to be hearing of your adventures. Hope all goes well finding a place to stay. Where did you find your missing bunk?
    Hope you avoided getting drenched in the thunderstorms. x

  2. Don’t worry about the reservations, you’ll be fine turning up at places, you’ll nearly always find somewhere to stay. It’s part of the adventure and keeps your plans flexible if you don’t have to be in one place by a certain time/date to check in. Keep at it! And keep enjoying yourself.

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