Ahoj from Prague!

Wow, after successfully making it to Prague, and my hostel within; my biggest challenge directly facing me is this keyboard.  For example, it took me about 2 minutes to figure out how to make the semicolon after within.  And that within would have quotation marks if only I could figure that out too…

So anyway, back to the start – this morning was tense, I wont lie and after stalling at the cafe before even the departure lounge, it became clear that I really shouldn§t stall any longer.  With big hugs from the family I wandered off.  I did the obligatory mooch through all the shops and made my way to the gate, then the plane.  The door slammed shut and that was it.  No turning back.

Fortunately I occupied myself with my etch-a-sketch so the flight was rather fun.

The airport was pleasantly labelled in English.  I snickered at the misspelling of umbrela.  Righto.  I need directions on how to not spend my month stuck in Prague airport.  Printed instructions sent me to the bus.  I had to go back, buy a ridiculously priced bottled water and buy a ticket with the change.  I got off at the end of the route and found the tram (via 5 minutes accidentally meandering around the metro platform).  Excellent detective work told me I was on the wrong side and I managed to make my way onto the correct tram.  At this point I`m convinced that if I make it to the hostel it`ll be a bloody miracle.

Seems miracles are in order because here I am.  Once I`d been given my massive set of keys and a list of instructions that required a crystal maze team to remember it I got into the room, yoinked a bed and thought.  Now what?

I decide to go for a stroll, head up hill and wham!  Beautiful view across the city.  Naturally, I got drawing.  And drawing.  And drawing. And felt better for it. Now I`ve had a good ol` night time wander I know a couple places I want to revisit with my camera and full pencil case (like the astronomical clock).  Although I don`t know how much drawing of buildings I can do with the impending thunderstorm that is due tomorrow…

Little things I`ve noticed – I saw some free dog poo bags with a picture of a really sad dog looking very ashamed.   Poor sad ashamed dog.  A club called `disco duck`. Souvineer shops stay open really late (my meanderings were about 11pm) and try and entice you in with club music.  I was almost enticed with the one playing gypsy music but thought I might get harassed into buying something.  Everywhere is beautiful.  I`ve only just noticed that there are birds in the computer room.  That`s a cute touch.  Everywhere is cobbled, high heels are not welcome.  There are puppet shops with suspended characters mid dance.  I got a  lot of weird looks from people as I tried to draw an obscure view of Tyn Church.  I`m dead chuffed that `hello` in Czech is pronounced `ahoy`.

So next challenge of the moment is to try and quietly pick my way though a pitch black room of sleeping people and try and get to bed.  Wish me luck.

view over Prague from the castle

silhouette of statue near Prague castle

prague castle at night

prague castle and section of tyn church in prague

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